Itza Maturana+-


She is a designer and graduate in UC illustration and autobiographical narrative. She was part of the delegation of Chilean illustrators at the Bologna International Fair 2019. She is the author of Yo, activista (La Bonita Niños, 2020). In 2019 she obtained the Hummingbird Medal for the illustrations in the book Insectopedia (Amanuta, 2018). Loves to make picture books.

Elena Pantoja+-


She is a journalist at the Diego Portales University. She has worked in various institutions and activities related to culture and science. She is a columnist at The Clinic and since 2017 has been in charge of communications for Planetario USACH. Listen and talk too much. She walks, watches, takes photos and writes down the things he sees and happens to him. She fervently believes that those who have the privilege of dedicating themselves to what they love should do their best to improve the world, even if only a little. And that’s what it is about.

Lucha Sotomayor+-

Digital risk expert

She has a master’s degree in literature from UChile and a degree in UC literature. She is an expert in violence prevention and participation. Has worked at UNICEF Global, at the United Nations, the Smart Citizen Foundation, among others. Today she works for the United Nations in New York, specifically around the activism of boys and girls to prevent and report violence. She is the director of Fundación Todo Mejora, founder of Limitless, and author of Yo, activista (La Bonita Niños, 2020).