Conscious Citizen

Conscious Citizen

Launched in 2020 and awarded both nationally (Edition Award by
the Chilean Book Chamber) and internationally (Image of the book
Award for design and illustration, in Russia),
«Ciudadanos / as Conscious» is a collection dedicated to
the dissemination illustrated information for girls and boys
of all ages, to empower them with knowledge, critical thinking
and, above all, consciousness. But even better? They are books for
all ages!
We are diversity

We are diversity

In modern societies like ours, understanding that diversity
is part of everything is getting easier every day. But what do we know
about religious, family, sexual and gender diversity? What do we mean
when we talk about inclusivity? We are diversity is a book that speaks
for the right to be different.
Climate change and us

Climate change and us

In 2021, for the second consecutive year, Chile has
exhausted its natural resources. What does this mean?
Why is it so hot in the middle of winter? Why do we say
change to climate change? You can learn all this and more
with this book about the environmental crisis that threatens
to destroy our planet. We can still act! Information is the
first step.
I, sustainable

I, sustainable

With the current climate crisis, people have found ways to
help the planet in their daily lives. Yo, Sustentable follows
the story of Plá, a sustainability activist, and her dog Ko.
Join us on this journey towards a sustainable life!
I, activist

I, activist

What do Ghandi, Greta Thumberg, Nelson Mandela and Mary Woolstoncraft
have in common? The interest to change the world! With this illustrated
guide to activism, learn how to make big or small changes to live in the
world you've always dreamed of. An idea can be a big change!
I, citizen

I, citizen

Who can vote? How do you write a new constitution?
What is a plebiscite? Why do we vote after October 18?
Everything you need to know about citizenship, politics
and civics is here. This book covers political history
at a universal level, as well as the foundations of Chilean
My digital self

My digital self

With the health crisis and the advancement of technologies,
the digital world is increasingly part of our lives. Yo, digital
is a book about prevention in networks for young and old. Because
it is never too late to learn about the internet! Yo, digital,
be the best version of you on the net.

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